Obedience and problem-solving

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We offer affordable dog and puppy training, big and small large and giant toy and standard all Breeds we require a current vaccine record for your dog or puppy and all puppies need the DAPP booster shot and or etc..Call 856-563-6909

We offer obedience, board and training with private handling lessons included. We will send you video updates during the board training to show you the progress your canine is doing in the program the program also includes problem-solving, such as to stop and control, excessive barking, chewing, whining, jumping digging holes and more learning to go.Call 856-563-6909

Potty outdoors socialization with people and other dogs training your dog around distractions to build your dogs confidence to be a more sociable, dog or puppyCall 856-563-6909

We offer to show you how to handle your dog on and off the leash during and after the board training program

Verbal and hand signals. No food rewards no cutting corners and no harsh training methods.

We offer video references to show potential customers our satisfied customers review videos, plus some of the dogs that we have a train in the past

No more chasing your dog no more out of control canine train them don't blame them have been them trained the right way the first time !

Additional services

Controlled aggression. This offers to control your dog. If the dog shows aggressive behavior towards people, or other dogs, food or article aggression call for details.Call 856-563-6909

Building canine confidence if your dog is skittish or shows, signs of timid behavior, such as cowering at the back of a crate lacks in socialization shows signs of being from a puppy, mill, and or abuse or submissive, urination separation anxiety, and or anxiety we have a training program to build your canine confidence call for details

We are open 7- days a week by appointment only

We offer protection training for working breeds call for more information. All dogs must be evaluating first for temperament personality. Etc

Check out our webpage for different programs and different offers affordable dog and puppy training

We offer board and training and or private one-on-one lessons at our location we do not offer group class All of our training is verbal. Praise with a pat on the side, no food rewards thank you for viewing

We offer a lifetime guarantee that covers the training commands for as long as you own your dog or a puppy ask for details

Call us for more information, have a blessed day and please have a current shot record from your veterinarian. We will ask you to provide us a copy before scheduling your dog or puppy. Have a blessed day.

Please visit here for more details...

Please visit our website: https://claz.cc/2/Raymond-Fisher
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Phone: 8565636909

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